Why should I have testing done?

The most important reason is to save money and to assure safety and health!

Most of our customers have heat loss and inefficient appliances in their homes without knowing it. We will check your home for proper air exchange and quality, and for proper insulation.

With energy savings, you can make up the cost of the testing and repairs within a short time. We can give you the energy saving figures immediately, so you can determine the best options for you.

Our Safety and Energy Testing services include:

  • Home Energy Evaluation Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Lead Testing
  • Asbestos Testing

To schedule a testing in your home, please call us at (207) 795-4065 or email: kdelano@community-concepts.org.

CCFC offers a number of financing options to help residents pay for home improvements. To find out if you qualify for financing, call 1-866-221-4383 or email us at: homequest@community-concepts.org.